The Great Salt Lake, Utah

I was going through my Google Earth images and reprocessed this one to make it look more like stain glass. This is a picture of evaporation ponds on the shore of Utah's Great Salt Lake. I find it interesting when man, inadvertently, creates a visual piece of art, especially when it can only be appreciated from an unusual vantage point, such as from space.  


November 17, 2017 - Hanoi, Vietnam

I'm intrigued by contrasts and contradictions such as this image.  There is a major transition occurring in the Old Quarters of Hanoi which is rapidly changing to accommodate tourist. Boutiques and trending bars are replacing century-old establishments. 


March 13, 2018, 8:16:08 pm - Guanajuato, Mexico 

Best time to walk around Guanajuato is at night when no one is around and the colors are more unique. Life inside the homes is more evident than during the day. The lights, both inside and outside, provide a unique color palette to the image. Our eye takes us to where the walkway disappears, creating a sense of anticipation of someone coming.